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Urban innovation harmoniously merges with community spirit. Nestled in the heart of South Africa’s vibrant landscapes, our visionary development is more than just a residence—it’s a testament to human-centric design, sustainable living, and shared experiences. Here, every pathway, building, and green space is crafted with a commitment to fostering connections, nurturing well-being, and celebrating the diverse tapestry of life. Dive in and discover the unparalleled Steyn City.

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Freehold plots and stands, luxury apartments and existing homes… experience the epitome.

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Experiences and facilities

The championship golf course has become a magnet for keen golfers from all areas of the country; impressing not only with its challenging design and beautiful views but also the slick service of the halfway house and our golf ops team.

300m Lagoon

Experiences and facilities

Imagine a Gauteng destination where you can go straight from the office or the afternoon school run, to pedalos and ice creams at the water’s edge. That’s precisely what’s on offer at the Lagoon facility.

45km Promenade

Experiences and facilities

Whether you’re seeking a morning jog amidst woodland whispers, a moonlit stroll by the river, or an adventurous hike, your journey begins right at your doorstep.

50km Mountain Bike Trail

Experiences and facilities

Did you know that our custom design 50km mountain bike track has been used in some of Johannesburg’s best known cycling events, garnering rave reviews? No need to load your bike onto your car rack.

Steyn City School

Experiences and facilities

The future focused Steyn City School campus accommodates learners from early years to matric, following the internationally accredited IEB curriculum.

Ultimate Heliport

Experiences and facilities

Steyn City residents have another first-class amenity to enjoy – the Ultimate Helistop. This is the first helicopter facility of this calibre and scale for South African residential estates.


Tales of life and celebrations within the vibrant environs of Steyn City.

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