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Welcome to Steyn City, a legacy project envisioned by South African insurance magnate Douw Steyn. Born from a deep-seated commitment to his country of birth, Steyn’s decision to invest in this groundbreaking endeavour emanates from a desire to create a haven for families across generations. Adding to the magnificence of this unparalleled project, Steyn received the significant blessing from close friend and confidant, former President Nelson Mandela.
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Subsequently, Steyn City strives for inclusivity benefiting many South Africans through local employment and business opportunities. By actively engaging with the community, Steyn City contributes to the economic development of the region, creating a ripple effect that extends beyond the confines of the project itself. This commitment to fostering both community and economic growth reflects Douw Steyn’s vision of an inclusive future for South Africa.

What distinguishes Steyn City is its pioneering master planning—a blueprint for the future of urban development.  Steyn City stands as a testament to the belief that cities should prioritise people over cars, fostering a sense of community living that revolves around shared spaces, parklands and facilities to enrich the well-being of its residents.  Acknowledged by New World Wealth as one of the top ten residential lifestyle estates globally, Steyn City seamlessly integrates convenience, safety, and luxury across 2000 acres of indigenous parkland. Nestled in Gauteng, this sanctuary offers homeowners an unparalleled lifestyle, governed by a board to ensure due diligence and backed by unwavering commitment from our shareholders to ongoing investments.

We invite you to contemplate an investment in the future – a promise that at Steyn City, you’re not merely acquiring a home; you’re securing a lifestyle that is incomparable and continuously refined to ensure the utmost satisfaction and assurance for those who choose to make Steyn City their home.

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Steyn City Foundation

The Steyn City Foundation was established with an aim to support our neighbouring Diepsloot community. Since the inception of Steyn City, this has been a critical goal.


Tales of life and celebrations within the vibrant environs of Steyn City.

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