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Architecture and Inspiration at Steyn City

The overall design philosophy of the Steyn City Parkland Residence is that it's not about the architecture; it's about the lifestyle and the inter-linking spaces between the architecture. That's not to say theresidences of Steyn City won't be beautiful, but the main design consideration has always been about creating an unprecedented quality of life for our residents. Incidentally, no one architectural theme dominates at Steyn City, as one of our priorities was for home owners to have the freedom to interpret their own architectural preferences.

As a result, they will have the option to do something traditional, classical or contemporary, or even a combination of all of them. The common thread is proportion, excellent quality materials and a good colour palette so that the architecture always enhances its surroundings.

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Architecture and Inspiration

Residences have been built according to a variety of styles including: Contemporary, Thesen Island, Barnhouse and sandstone clad French Chateau. However, certain guidelines do apply relating to such factors as no boundary walls or fences, height and set coverage of each stand.

One of the most ground-breaking aspects of Steyn City is the 'village style' apartment blocks that form part of the mixed use options at Steyn City. Much thought has been given as to break down the mass of buildings which has resulted in their height varying between three, four and five storeys. This gives them an articulated appearance that looks like it has grown over time.

Architecture and Inspiration
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