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Children and Teens Gallery

Children & Teens at Steyn City Parkland Residence

One of the many outstanding features at Steyn City is the multitude of play and recreational nodes, ensuring our parkland residence is a children's paradise. In creating these playgrounds and recreational nodes, we have focused on ensuring the activities, and type of equipment used, stimulate all healthy aspects of a child's life, from physical activities to allowing youngsters to interact in a safe and controlled environment. The play areas form a key role in the overall vision of Steyn City. They are intended to be a part of, and not separate from the environment.

Each location is carefully considered, and guides the design of that node. The play areas have been located where the landscape is intriguing or unique, and presents an opportunity for children to experience and interact with the environment rather than only with the play equipment.

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Children's Playground

The majority of the play nodes have already been completed. One node comprises a large sandpit enclosed by an organic shaped rock wall. Situated near an attenuation pond along a creek, the sandpit blends with the landscape. A large pirate ship fills the sandpit with different kinds of climbing structures. Another node features a large giant scuplture coming out of the earth. There area a series of swings in the adjacent triangle park.

For the older children, we have no doubt that the Skate Park will be very popular. Skate parks are generally considered harsh and barren concrete environments. Our skate park has been designed to relate and interact with its immediate environment, in both form and function. It thus integrates into the river landscape alongside.

Children and Teen's Skatepark
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