Ultimate helistop

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Wherever you’re going – whether it’s a meeting in the city, a transfer to Lanseria International Airport or a secluded bush lodge – get there in style. Steyn City’s Ultimate Helistop is equipped to make every stage of your journey a comfortable one, from the stunning reception and waiting lounge to the well-appointed meeting room. Charter your flight now, and remove the hassle from your next trip.

Steyn City City Centre Helistop

The Ultimate Helistop is a seven-star facility that boasts an array of services to make your entire travel experience a pleasure. From the beautiful reception, to the lounge and viewing area, all elements are designed with luxury in mind. Relax with a coffee and magazine while waiting for your flight, or schedule a meeting in a private pod in the office suite. 

Steyn City City Centre Helistop
Steyn City City Centre Helistop
Steyn City City Centre Helistop
Steyn City City Centre Helistop

The hangar is 20 metres by 40 metres, allowing it to house two large helicopters or up to six smaller models. The loading bay accommodates three helicopters at a time, ensuring that there is no delay between taxi or take-off, even if more than one flight has been scheduled.

Steyn City City Centre Helistop

Book a charter flight for a weekend getaway, mark special occasions mid-air with a bottle of bubbly, or give your golfing partner a flight before a round of golf at Steyn City’s Nicklaus design championship course. 

The building’s magnificent design mirrors the blades of a helicopter rotor. It’s another way that Steyn City is creating the best lifestyle estate in the world. 

Steyn City Helistop 1
Steyn City City Centre Helistop

Seven star facility

Interior designed by Stephen Falcke

Elegant lounge

Private meeting pods

Storage for up to 6 helicopters

Simultaneous boarding for 3 flights

Compliant with international standards

Viewing area

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