Golf Data’s win is good news for Steyn City, an award-winning parkland

Golf Data, the dynamic and highly talented team behind Steyn City’s magnificent parkland and golf course, took home two Double Golds at the recent South African Landscaping Institute (SALI) Awards, confirming that the development is sustainable as well as beautiful.

The annual SALI Awards are judged by a panel of leading educators in landscape architecture, as well as renowned agronomists, aborists, horticulturalists and experts in the nursery and cultivation sectors. A Double Gold SALI Award is the Institute’s endorsement of world-class landscaping, installed and managed in a professional and responsible manner.

Golf Data’s recent accomplishment is therefore particularly noteworthy: the company’s Double Gold Awards in the Landscape Design and Construction category recognise its excellent execution at Steyn City’s Lagoon and City Centre, as well as the water-wise element of the work.

“We are exceptionally pleased to  have a team of this calibre on board,” says Steven Louw, CEO of Steyn City Properties. “Golf Data has been part of the Steyn City vision since the development’s inception, and these awards bear testimony to their skill, while also proving that we are on the right track to reach our goals: establishing a seven-star lifestyle estate that is the very best in Africa, and one of the top 10 worldwide.”