With only 50% of Steyn City’s 2,000 acres set aside for residential development, nature will always prevail. Manicured greenbelts stretch between each home, with vergant natural expanses criss-crossed by waterways, paths, urban artscapes and scenic spots all adding to the parkland’s unique atmosphere. 

Steyn City Green Belt

Steyn City’s 2 000-acre parkland is nothing short of a tribute to nature’s splendour and munificence. It is difficult to imagine that this abundantly verdant forest was once a disused quarry; but under the tender hands of master landscaper Patrick Watson – who in 1991 was named honorary landscape architect and member of the South African Institute of Landscape Architects in appreciation of his contribution to many of South Africa’s great gardens – it has been coaxed back to its original state. The parkland features over a half million indigenous trees and shrubs, coming together to create the green wonderland that is Steyn City’s trademark.

The parkland also stands out as one of Gauteng’s largest outdoor art galleries. Indeed, the more than forty sculptures placed throughout the residence – magnificent in both scale and appearance – play a large part in creating the special atmosphere so unique to this address. While some of the pieces are thought provoking and evocative abstracts, others – such as Ubuntu – tell a tale of South Africa and Steyn City’s place in it.