Steyn City’s City Centre: An unparalleled investment opportunity


Skateboarding in Hyde Park. Yoga in Central Park. Picnicking in Paris’s Jardin de Luxembourg. These are all wonderful ways to spend one’s time – but what if you could do all of this, and more, in one destination? In fact, you can – at Steyn City’s City Centre, where residents can spend their leisure time in one of the largest parks you could possibly imagine.

After surveying the world’s best loved leisure spots, Steyn City Properties sets out to replicate the activities that people typically enjoy – then make them all available to residents at the City Centre. The only difference is that the people living here don’t have to venture more than a few steps from their front door to enjoy MTB or running (even at night, thanks to 45km of floodlit promenade), outdoor exercise stations, tennis, horse-riding, golf, swimming, birdwatching or fishing. They can even have a day of beach-style fun without packing any suitcases or crossing any toll roads, thanks to the presence of the lagoon, where kayaking, SUP boarding, water slides and pedalos are all on the menu for the day’s entertainment, alongside a stop at the Laguna kiosk for refreshing gelato. There’s even a choice of restaurants and coffee shops – so, whatever mood you find yourself in, there is an avenue for you to express it.

This choice is very much a trademark of City Centre and, indeed, Steyn City itself. It dovetails neatly with another cornerstone of the lifestyle: convenience. Even before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Steyn City Properties realised the value of having everything you need, when you need it – without navigating jostling lanes of traffic or long queues.

The sense of ease that accompanies such a lifestyle is amplified by the City Centre’s setting in a 2 000 acre indigenous parkland, complete with outdoor sculpture park and an abundance of birdlife and fauna – and, of course, the very best security ensuring that all amenities can be enjoyed with total peace of mind. The strategic location of the development – between the key hubs of Midrand and Johannesburg, in the latter’s rapidly growing ‘new north’ – is yet another plus.

It is highly unlikely that South Africa will become home to another development of this size and scale – which is why it is no exaggeration to say that an investment in Steyn City is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Given the scope of this offering, Steyn City Properties may be considered well on its way to achieving its admittedly lofty ambition: to see Steyn City recognised as the world’s best lifestyle estate; a blueprint for urban living.

Prices range from R2,3m to R35m.

Steyn City City Centre Lagoon