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Your peace of mind is our concern, and we’re constantly working to ensure your home is a sanctuary.

More services, more safety and security

We have always believed that our outstanding safety and security measures are among the factors that set Steyn City apart. We have recently expanded on this with the addition of new key services.

Our partnership with Fidelity Secure Fire means that we now have a dedicated 24/7 Rapid Response Fidelity Secure Fire vehicle, with a fully trained fire crew who are also equipped to offer first aid. The team is also able to provide lithium gel fire extinguishers and suppression systems for home solar lithium battery protection. Fidelity Secure Fire has already responded to three incidents on the estate.

Steyn City Resident Newsletter - Safety

Our offering now also includes Specialised Logistics Assistance (SLA) paramedics, on standby 24/7. The team not only mans and maintains our medical room at the Lagoon over peak periods; it’s also on standby at quieter times and assists at our hosted events. This service is invaluable: SLA attends to four to six emergencies monthly, and responded to three minor medical emergencies during the summer.

Keeping abreast of changes

Furthermore, we’re constantly monitoring and looking ahead to keep up with developments in the security industry. With this commitment, we’re working diligently to install new, cutting-edge security systems. These systems will not only enhance your safety but also monitor the movement of visitors’ vehicles throughout the estate and track speeding cars to curb reckless driving.  More on these security measures that are currently being tested and validated in our forthcoming newsletters.

May/June 2024 Newsletter