Steyn City


The Steyn City Foundation was established with an aim to support our neighbouring Diepsloot community. Since the inception of Steyn City, this has been a critical goal.

Steyn City is far more than an address; it is a legacy project. From inception, it has been the intention of our shareholders, to ensure that the impact of this residential lifestyle estate reached far beyond its gates. This is why the Steyn City Foundation was established, as a vehicle that would oversee and execute the CSI activities of Steyn City Properties, with 0.5% of all developer sales invested into the Foundation.

The Foundation’s activities are geared around uplifting our neighbouring Diepsloot community. Our flagship project, Delivering Happiness to Diepsloot, is a case in point: since 2011, we have delivered gifts including school essentials, stationery, sweets and other crucial items such as school shoes, dri-macs and blankets to more than 12 500 primary school learners.

This initiative is supplemented by regular food and blanket drives, while Steyn City Properties has created more than 28,000 jobs for Diepsloot residents through our various construction activities.

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There is always something happening in our dynamic and exciting community. This is here you’ll find out more about our latest milestones, news and reasons to celebrate.


Tales of life and celebrations within the vibrant environs of Steyn City.

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