SC 2000 acres of parkland

2000 Acres of parkland

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With 2 000 acres of indigenous parkland, of which less than 50% will be set aside for development, you have all the space you need to connect with nature. At Steyn City, we’ve worked hard to create this paradise, planting hundreds of thousands of trees, shrubs and groundcovers endemic to the region. The result? An urban forest with a 45km well-lit promenade so there’s no scramble to fit in your exercise before work: you can enjoy it whenever suits you.
SC 2000 acres of parkland

Our beautiful forest was made possible thanks to an onsite nursery established even before we broke ground, comprising eight greenhouses and a dedicated propagation laboratory. These facilities have enabled us to transform a once barren tract of land into a verdant haven.

Now rehabilitated back to its natural state, the land attracts impressive flora and fauna, from prolific birdlife to herds of springbok and impala. 

We’re also creating a whole new ecosystem which will keep growing as birds, butterflies and bees carry the seeds far and wide. In that way we’re contributing to the enrichment of not just Steyn City’s park grounds, but the entire surrounding environment. We will also be providing a safe haven for naturally occurring wildlife such as riverine pigeons, green pigeons, wild hares, legavaans, jackals, and herd of antelope. 

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